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Business Coaching




Move forward to where you want to be

  • My vision

  • Clear and powerful goals

  • What are my habits?

  • What are my belief systems?

  • Stay focused



Have a clear direction

  • What next?

  • How to build a sellable asset

  • Having a clear Vision, Mission and Code of Conduct for my practice

  • What are your business’s strong and weaker points?



Branding & Marketing

Be visible, be noticed

  • Putting a marketing plan and calendar in place – know when to do what

  • Best Online Marketing strategies, creating traffic to your practice

  • Having a strong brand / voice

  • “Nurture Cycle” for patients

  • Using Neuroscience to delight patients



Have a united team

  • Building a stronger team through understanding each others’ habits

  • Contracts

  • Job descriptions

  • Performance conversations and measurements

  • Using Neuroscience on staff to optimise the staff experience


Sales & Operations

Streamline systems and grow sales

  • Sales principles and networking Ensure consistency & flow

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Managing stock and consumables

  • Legalities (POPI, CPA, HPCSA, indemnity)




Free up your time

  • What does balance look like?

  • How can I manage my time better?

  • Earnings & time – understanding better




Maximise and optimise results


  • The Profit Formula

  • Dashboards

  • Cash-flow & Budgeting

  • Pricing

  • Billing & Coding

  • Management of Debt

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